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Bendigo Locksmiths provides a fast, professional on-site locksmithing service, with three service vehicles covering all of Central Victoria. Our service vehicles are fully equipped mobile workshops that can cover almost all of your lock needs.

We specialise in the supply and installation of Registered/Restricted Key Systems for homes and businesses. A Restricted Key System allows you to have total control for your keys. Restricted keys supplied by Bendigo Locksmiths can only be duplicated with the correct authority at Bendigo Locksmiths.

We stock a large range of fire and theft resistant safes to suit your home and business. Our shops keep a range on display for your selection.

We provide replacement and duplication of garage door and vehicle remotes and stock a large range of batteries for your existing remotes.

Most modern car keys contain a transponder chip. Our specialised equipment at our shops is designed to read and duplicate a high range of transponder keys.



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